Friendly February: Reps are encouraged to find a friend to bring to the UDEA rep council meeting on the 27th.

Teacher of the Year: Each site will be asked in the month of March to submit their teacher of the year to the district for UDEA Teacher of the year, so be on the look out, or ask your principal.

Our new contract for 2013-2016 has been ratified! The contract goes before the board on June 10th, and new salary schedules and the contract will be posted on the district website. Thanks again to the organizing committee, executive board, and especially the negotiating team for getting us our new contract with more money built into it than any other district, making us competitive in terms of salary with almost every comp district in the area!

This website is continually updated, so check often for updates and current information. We are trying this year to keep it updated two to three times a month with information to keep our members as up to date as possible during negotiations and other items of note. If you have anything you would like to share with all UDEA members, please submit it for review to the website coordinator, Catie Wilcox at We are looking at how to best communicate as a group, so suggestions are welcome!

Note: You do not need to become a member to access this site, as it is a public site. Just click on the menu to the left to access information about each item.